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Jai Ho 2 South Indian Full Movie Download. The Movies Starts on a flight from city to metropolis 5 passengers retrieve weapons hidden within the rest room and use them to hijack the plane. Associate in Nursing engine is broken throughout the struggle with the pilots in order that they create Associate in Nursing airplane landing at Tirupati airdrome. Government authorities arrive. The hijackers demand INR100 large integer, unleash of their confined leader Yusuf Khan, and a contemporary craft for his or her escape. National guard Major Raveendra recollects the loss of a valued comrade at the combat once he captured Yusuf Khan, and regrets not killing the terrorist at the time.

He urges the govt. to permit a commando operation, however officers worry risking passengers’ life, not trusting Raveendra’s team. the key is pissed off once the govt. vacillates and it looks that Yusuf Khan could be free. within the flight the passengers comprise teams discussing their past lives and faith. one amongst the terrorists becomes sentimentally hooked up to Afshana, a bit woman returning to metropolis once her heart operation. Another rider often irritates the terrorists with bitter questions on their motives, during which he’s supported by Jagdeesh, a retired army commissioned military officer.

Time passes and tensions rise, till one amongst the passengers (a drug addict) associate degree attempt|tries} an escape however is shot down by a terrorist United Nations agency warns the authorities to act shortly. Raveendra’s colleague Nawaz Khan discovers that the missing cleaner United Nations agency ready the rest room of the flight before its departure has been known by province Police. Ravi and Nawaz head to notice the cleaner within the hope of obtaining data concerning the character of weapons that were left for the hijackers. once a chase in Red Hills they capture the person, United Nations agency confesses his involvement within the plot and additionally offers obscure data concerning the dimensions of the weapon that he placed within the bathroom.

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Ravi and Nawaz deduce that it should be a plastique. On his come Ravi is told the govt has determined to unleash Yusuf Khan. however Yusuf dies in AN accident whereas being transported to the flying field. Ravi asks the officers to be terribly confidential concerning this data so they will set up AN assault while not the terrorists’ data. However, a newsperson disguises himself as AN assistant to a senior police official, and then gets near the craft. He records footage of the flight through his pen camera and overhears 2 officers talking concerning the accident of Yusuf Khan within the lav. The terrorists get afraid. Despite tries to contain the news, the media leak it and one amongst the terrorists kills a rider, seeking proof that Yusuf is alive, failing that one rider are killed each half-an-hour.

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