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Krishna ( Kamarupan Shourya) involves Hyderabad with the intention to earn cash and settle well in life. He begins his career as a loan recovery agent and from there, he joins a gang surpass Srisailam (Zakeer Hussain), WHO may be a hand to central minister Jagadeesh Naidu ( Kota Srinivasrao ). when a couple of days, he becomes the crucial member of this gang.

Director: Yogie
Stars: Sonarika Bhadoria, Naga Shourya, Ashish Vidyarth

In the meanwhile, Krishna falls soft on with Parvathy ( Sonarika), WHO hails from Kerala. She needs to settle in Dubai and convinces Krishna for a similar. At a similar time, Srisailam and Jagadeesh Naidu involve Krishna in an exceedingly huge deal while not revealing the inner details concerning it.
So, however can Krishna face the implications ? can he be ready to get out of the tangle and fly to Dubai along with his love interest ? This forms the remainder of the story.

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Naga Shourya’s characterization is that the major highlight for this flick. He has acted with sensible energy levels through out the film and his performance within the climax may be a huge plus for the film.
The second half Associate in Nursing hour is decisive for this film. this is often the time once the twits area unit unconcealed and therefore the flick take with a decent pace beside some racy narration. Climax is well dead. Comedians Srinivas Reddy, Prudhvi and Ramesh did a good job in their roles.

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