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Pakhi (Divya Singh), a small-town woman, needs the great things in life. Ishq Junoon Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality on 720p. She’s willing to try to something to induce them and isn’t justificatory regarding it. She has already shed the lower-middle-class mentality. Now, she needs to shed the tag too and be wealthy. How do you ask? By caparison an expensive guy, of course! She doesn’t need to figure for wealth. whereas she is learning to be associate degree steward, she needs the belt ASAP. Ishq Junoon Full Movie Download in HD Quality. She finishes up meeting a moneyed hunk named Dominion (Rajbeer Singh), UN agency loves her like the devil and desires to marry her. Pakhi agrees and dumps her clingy bride-to-be like he’s carrying an endemic. She and dominion then take a weekend trip to the latter’s house wherever they meet his friend/brother Vir (Akshay Rangshahi), and things begin to induce very weirdly.

Director: Sanjay Sharma
Writer: Pankaj Trivedi
Stars: Divya Singh, Rajbeer Singh, Raj Aryan

Ishq Junoon Full Movie DownloadHere ar sex thrillers and their ar psychotic thrillers. Ishq Junoon may be a hybrid of the 2, that exists in a {very} very strange territory. however, it’s additional funny-strange than scary-strange. And most times, right out weird. within the film, orphans ar adopted as house helps. A big girl makes like to 2 young boys. A underclothes sniffing pervert World Health Organization solely speaks in an exceedingly baritone. Ishq Junoon Full Movie HD Download. A steroid-laden loverboy whose plan of a threesome isn’t a planned/chance encounter, however wedding. And since we’re on the topic, Ishq Junoon, that has been promoted as ‘India’s 1st threesome film’, has no threesomes in it. None! There’s one that happens in an exceeding dream sequence and that’s it.

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The pic had its posters burnt for promoting threesomes and symptom national morals. Ishq Junoon Full Movie Download. They shouldn’t have, as a result of the read the film takes off the ménage à trois is thus dark, promoting the thought is that the last item that it will.

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