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A story that goes haywire within the telling of it, this Anil Ballani film uses materialism, love, revenge and comedy to induce it’s narrative through to the climax.

Director: Anil Ballani
Writers: Rajeev Yogendra Nath, Niket Pandey
Stars: Sara Loren, Adhyayan Suman, Aaryansh Arora

But it’s neither intriguing nor amusing. Hindu deity Vardhan (Adhyayan Suman) a budding creative person bumps into Sophia (Sara Loren) in Darjeeling. He sees potential in her and invitations her all the way down to urban center to assist her pursue a career in modeling.

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They become involved and simply once Sophia begins to weave dreams of a blithely ever once with him, he dumps her to marry Ira (Sanskriti Jain), a victorious photographer’s girl. Hindu deity in truth got her to require him below her wings and bankroll his extravagances. however once Ira gets to grasp concerning his past with Sophia, she accuses him of unfaithfulness and even groups up with Sophia to require revenge on the cad. however things area unit ne’er as cut and dried as they appear initially.

The film fails to get interest or give recreation. The writing is innocent of craft and also the plotting fails to slim down the chances. The teaming from the 2 exes doesn’t return through convincingly. in truth it looks a lot of sort of a contrivance meant to provide the story a brand new twist and direction. to feature to it, none of the actors rise higher than the cardboard cutouts the characters represent. Even the music is unmemorable. that the audience very has nothing to carry on to here.

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