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A richman World Health Organization plans to marry off his girl in a very vast villa likes a cottage within the suburbs of Hyderabad. He involves apprehend that the home is possessed when shopping for it. In comes, Naresh (Allari Naresh) to bar the evil aatma from the house. although he does not apprehend something concerning dispossession, he pretends to understand within the hope of obtaining Rs ten lakhs for this work. He includes a back story. To impress the woman he loves, he desires such cash jointly of the woman at the orphanage she runs is affected by heart downside. The twist within the tale is that the evil desires to marry Naresh. Why? what’s the reference to him and therefore the ghost?

Name:Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bayam
Genres:Comedy, Romance
Country:South Indian
Directors:Nageswara Reddy.G
Writers:Nageswara Reddy.G

Well, these area unit the words or phrases that return to your mind once the movie’s last half begins. Such unhealthy is that this “horror comedy” from director G Nageshwar Reddy. Allari Naresh starrer “Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam” offers unhealthy finish to year 2016. Even badly created movies provide one or 2 new scenes however this one has zero. Entirely ready-made from begin to the top.

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Not a scene within the moving picture is considerable, ditch novelty. The jokes ar largely culled from facebook, whatsapp forwards.

For Allari Naresh, this role is straightforward job. He has been doing such characters from the start of his career, therefore there’s nothing to speak regarding his performance. Rajendra Prasad looks to be uninformed regarding the movie’s scenes. there’s nothing special to say regarding his performance. Krithika, Mouryani, Pragathi , Jayaprakash Reddy et al ar okay. Shakalaka sitar player and Chandra ar the sole actors UN agency provided some relief.

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