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Idhu Enna Maayam can get into the annals of history for inventing a brand new position in hockey — the pinch-hitting batter. In one unintendedly uproarious scene, Arun (Vikram Prabhu), a adept batter, thumps his chest and steps into the hockey pitch once his faculty badly wants him. He figures that “both sports ar a couple of bat hit the ball, after all”. in mere one or two of minutes, he realises his folly, and then, remedies his misjudgment with a thought no handler might have come back up with. He runs close to the opponent’s goal post, takes a cricketing stance, and waits for the ball to be aerial-passed to him, thus he will select if he needs to drive, hook or pull the hockey ball to the goal. It’s a poster film, and you only don’t raise questions on credibility.

Writers:Vijay, A.L. Vijay
Stars:Vikram Prabhu, Navdeep, Keerthi Suresh

Ironically enough, Idhu Enna Maayam’s main plan appears to parody these terribly films within the starting, once Arun and friends attempt to produce an organization referred to as UMT ( Unnal Mudiyum Thambi), to assist single men enamored get the girl of their dreams. Having been a part of a unsuccessful theatre cluster, the means that they use to accomplish this can be quite fascinating. They attempt to orchestrate reality, sort of a director will a movie scene. This idea, quite presumably, might are galvanized by anyone of these million YouTube ‘insane wedding proposal’ videos, within which a person, power-assisted sometimes by an incident management company, creates a rare expertise for his girlfriend and even as she stands, mouth open in astonishment, pops the question.

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Much like in these videos, UMT hires extras, writes dialogues for its scenes, and therefore the woman its male shopper is enamored with becomes associate degree unwitting participant, basically manipulated into love. The musical organization moments ar nothing great; they’re everything you’ve seen in unhealthy love films. A continual plan is to possess an additional deliberately run into the girl, and even as she’s on the point of crumple, UN agency ought to be waiting within the shadows to carry her however the company’s male shopper.

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