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In Associate in Nursing any old Indian village, Haraamkhor Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality on 720p. Associate in Nursing unlikely love triangle ensues between a married college teacher Shyam (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), his 14-year previous student Sandhya (Shweta Tripathi) and her tuition mate Kamal (Irfan Khan). What transpires during this twisted taboo relationship forms the story.​

Director: Shlok Sharma
Writer: Shlok Sharma
Stars: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Shweta Tripathi, Trimala Adhikari

The film unfolds through the eyes of 2 immature boys Kamal and his infamous friend Mintu. Kamal loves Sandhya and Mintu suggests freakish ways that to assist Kamal woo the lady. the 2 justly suspect that something’s production between Sandhya and Shyam and so find yourself following the 2 everyplace. Meanwhile, fully unaware of the boys’ intentions, Sandhya, abandoned by her mother and anxious for her offish father, finds solace in Shyam. She overlooks his violent outbursts as her sexual involvement with him, clouds her judgement. Shyam on the contrary, is Associate in Nursing opportunist, World Health Organization manipulates the lady and even his married person for his self-seeking interests. However, he’s not entirely guilty because the lady voluntarily leads him on.

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Haraamkhor addresses a big issue while not taking sides and that’s commendable. Sadly, the righteous social awareness disclaimers that seem oft throughout the ‘diluted controversial’ scenes, don’t embody the film’s dark humour or audacious nature.

The uptight narrative leaves lots unrequited, creating you’re feeling indifferent towards the characters. It’s nice once a film producer leaves sure things to the audience’s interpretation however Shlok Sharma expects manner an excessive amount of from his unsuspecting viewer. It’s deadening to fill within the blanks once a moment. people who have seen the film at a pageant claim that a number of scenes are cut and what you get may be a water-down version. regardless of the reason, they appear disconnected which puts you off.

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