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Golimaar Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Free Download. Golimaar Movie is associate degree orphan. His want is to become a policeman. he’s employed in a very tea search and raises to the extent of a police sub-inspector. Noticing his guts, the DGP promotes him as an associate degree encounter specialist and offers him an inventory of gangsters whom he should eliminate. throughout the course of his job, Gangaram kills over a hundred gangsters and with the award carried on the heads of these gangsters, he starts associate degree orphanage. At this juncture, he accidentally meets Pavitra (Priyamani), female offspring of Arundhati (Roja). Arundhati hates the boys and police within the society and brings up her female offspring with identical outlook.

Director & Writer: Puri Jagannadh
Stars: Tottempudi Gopichand, Priyamani, Roja

Pavitra works as an incident manager. As Gangaram performs his duty sincerely, he manages to kill one amongst the leaders of the 2 gangs in associate degree encounter. He seeks permission from the DGP to allow him to eliminate the opposite mafia gang leader UN agency is staying in Asian country. Stating that a police can”t go outside the country even to arrest a outlaw and there’ll be numerous rules and offers him a concept. He tells Gangaram to offer him a resignation letter with none date and move to Asian country on his own and do no matter he needs and kill the mafia leader at his own risk.

Golimaar Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online

If there’s any drawback from the government, they might cite his resignation and finish off the problem. Gangaram accepts the proposal and resigns to his job. Soon, the police arrest him and complete him as a corrupt officer. What happens next could be an interesting a part of the story.

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