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In Aashiq Abu’s mobster, the most character Akbar is extremely sad. His face is blotted with permanent reminder disappointment. generally his appearance become sullen like that of a person frozen in despair. it’s like he has been surfing a trauma, a series of heartbreaks therefore unhealthy that he’s less a person than a machine. The tolerance and detachment on Akbar’s face beseem that of a person World Health Organization has bitterly lost a battle and finds no that means in his life.

Film: Gangster
Starring: Yash Dasgupta, Mimi Chakraborty & Others
Presenter: Shrikant Mohta
Produced by: Shree Venkatesh Films
Direction: Birsa Dasgupta
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue: Shweta Bharadwaj Sharma, Manish Sharma
Additional Dialogues: Debapratim Dasgupta
D.O.P: Shubhankar Bhar
Music: Arindom
Singer: Arijit Singh
Lyrics: Prasen
Edit: Subho Pramanik

He is a mobster and it’s apparently sent by the title. His eyes area unit imagined to glower with a consistency that ought to match a clock that ne’er stops ticking. but this glower is rarely visible for it’s typically cloaked by sun-glasses. As for his garbs, he wears fashionable, short, black jackets and kind of jeans. He breaks his perennial melancholy with rare utterances delivered by a studied movement of his lips that ne’er open up on the far side a prescribed limit.

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Akbar’s account is ‘gloriously’ harking back to a group of longing. though it comes untidy, generous hearts would still welcome it. Ahmed Siddique and Abhilash Nair UN agency have collectively written the story of Akbar the crook incite interest for the approach they evoke the great recent recollections of myriad films wherever a dazed boy would wordlessly watch his father die so spill over his rage, revenge and a few nice assortment of words in equal live on the loathed villain UN agency created him Associate in Nursing orphan. the sensation of longing is more increased by the animated action sequences that seem within the starting and within the finish, conveyance back made recollections of cartoons that were watched and cherished by generations while not fail

Aashiq Abu, aimless and distracted he is also, places his full trust in his script and will his best to complement it. like gunshots and action sequences don’t fulfil, he stages the ultimate revenge act during a place that runs from one slim maze into another. Akbar is unleash with a knife in his hand. He slits such a big amount of throats and spills blood in swift, sharp moves in the midst of thundery swishes. He even incurs deadly blows himself however would return unhurt.

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