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“Friend Request” follows a school student named Laura (Alycia Debnam Carey) World Health Organization receives a lover request on Facebook from a lonely woman named dockage (Liesl Ahlers) World Health Organization has zero friends. Laura accepts the friend request out of pity however quickly regrets it as dockage becomes passionate about Laura in an exceedingly} very short quantity of your time. Once Marina’s overwhelming advances of friendly relationship ar rejected by Laura, she decides to require her own life, film it, and place it on the net. once Marina’s death Laura begins to lose management of her life and her facebook account because of more harassment from Marina’s ghost.

Director: Simon Verhoeven
Writers: Matthew Ballen, Philip Koch
Stars: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo

I felt just like the plot was AN OK lead in to a awfully acquainted conception, faculty youngsters obtaining picked off one by one whereas one person tries to work issues out and realize the simplest way to prevent the person or thing that’s terrorizing them. when the initial started this motion-picture show extremely starts to appear plenty sort of a variety of previous modern-day horror films, it simply makes no effort some to undertake to shake things up somewhat. They took AN overused formula and stuck thereto just about to the tee. I even realize it onerous to jot down abundant concerning the film as a result of it absolutely was thus bland and simply did not extremely provide abundant in the slightest degree. you’ll predict each twist, you’ll see each death coming back, and you’ll not be dismayed by the ending in the slightest degree.

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I tend to love these styles of movies thus i used to be willing to forgive plenty of the film’s clichés, however it ought to the purpose wherever it simply felt just like the film manufacturers were taking place a listing of horror motion-picture show clichés and checking them off as they created the motion-picture show. it is not the worst motion-picture show ever, it’s sensible, the acting is sweet enough, and a couple of of the kills weren’t dangerous. but there simply is not enough here to warrant observance it over several similar films that area unit far better. “Friend Request” {is simply|is just|is thuslely} a movie that’s so Luke heat that it’s onerous to {think of|consider|think concerning} abundant goodies or dangerous things about it.

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