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Four Pillars of Basement could be a heroic tale Bollywood movies discharged on sixth Gregorian calendar month 2015 directed by Girish Nayak and created by Pravin Chudasama, Gautam Bafana. The major of this flick is Dillzan Wadia, Shawar Ali, Zakir Hussain, Ravi Gadariya, Aliya Singh, Anant Jao, Ehasan Khan, Imran Khan. Before reaching to multiplex let check review of 4 Pillars of Basement

Director: Giresh Naik
Writer: Rajan Safri
Stars: Shawar Ali, Ravi Gadariya, Zakir Husain

YFour Pillars Of Basement Full Movie Watch Online

The Four Pillars Of Basement may be a psychological adventure story moving-picture show that shows human weakness and careless nature. The hero Samir may be a conniving person and works as a security officer in an exceedingly mall. He encompasses a massive crush on Riya UN agency works in one in all the offices within the mall. His twin brother, a stupid leave from the mental asylum adding a lot of confusion to the plot. The moving-picture show unfolds dramatically because the heroine is unfree within the basement and is unable to induce out of it. Whoever involves facilitate her meets with a tragic death.Will Samir be able to save the love of his life or can he die to his brother’s evil plan?

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