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So, Fitoor, supported Charles Dickens’ nice Expectations, meets some expectations – however not all. Fitoor Full Movie HD Download in 720p. during a geographical region of moonlit snows, mist-filled homes and golden leaves, Noor (Aditya) falls gaga with Firdaus (Katrina), female offspring of eccentric Muhammadan Hazrat (Tabu), who lives, lined in diamonds, during a castle of chandeliers and cloth.

Director: Abhishek Kapoor
Writers: Charles Dickens, Abhishek Kapoor
Stars: Aditya Roy Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Tabu

Firdaus leaves to check. Noor wins Associate in Nursing art scholarship in metropolis – wherever he meets Firdaus once more and time stands still. Fitoor Full Movie HD Download. Firdaus finally warms to Noor. however what happens once Firdaus decides to marry Pakistani politician Bilal instead? Why will Muhammadan push Firdaus, despite knowing Noor’s love? And WHO is Noor’s secret patron, creating his art a hit?

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Fitoor’s acting pleases in components. Tabu shines through moments of malevolent manipulation, snarling ‘Kaisa kamzarf waqt aa gaya hai’, as she glares balefully at Noor, then smiles sweet at him. Aditya sometimes conveys a mixed-up lover lost in an exceedingly capricious world whereas Katrina appearance attractive however largely stays placid. Fitoor Full Movie Download in mp4. Ajay Devgn features a anaglyph as a growling nisus, all bark however no bite, whereas Rahul Bhat, the foremost consistent here, impresses as heavy-lidded Bilal.

The film additionally appearance attractive – however sumptuousness takes over substance, chinars, minars and lace dominating grip, passion and pace. Fitoor Full Movie Download in high quality. For a romance, Fitoor lacks heat – you would like there was less hair-styling and a lot of hair-pulling, a lot of rupture and fewer cheesecake-like smoothness.

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