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Six years pass. Archer, an F.B.I. agent, is associate degree empty shell. Meanwhile, the terrorist Castor Troy (Mr. Cage) is riding high, quite virtually, aboard a personal jet.

Director: Doug Walker
Writers: Doug Walker, Rob Walker
Stars: Doug Walker, Malcolm Ray, Rachel Tietz

Castor has been strutting his stuff thus diabolically that he even dances sort of a stripper whereas carrying a priest’s garb, then gropes a choirgirl. thus he leaves a frighteningly perverse impression by the time the plane tries starting, and is ambushed by the F.B.I. once a large fight on the runway, Castor finally ends up in an exceedingly coma.

Face/Off Full Movie Trailer

Then, in an exceedingly savvy script by electro-acoustic transducer Werb and archangel Colleary, things get attention-grabbing. It looks that heroic Sean Archer has a chance to save lots of abundant of l. a. from biological attack, however there is a catch. to try to to it (and to search out out the situation of the bomb from Castor’s brother, WHO is nicely named Pollux), Sean must wear Castor’s face.

Face/Off Full Movie Trailer

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