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For some films, the bar is ready lower and you get a real sense of gratification once it manages to cross it. linear unit Vazhi Thani Vazhi is that sort of film however by the time it ends, all that we have a tendency to feel is homicidal rage — for it not solely manages to sink below the bar however digs a pit, and keeps going deeper and deeper into the bottom.

Director: V. Azhagappan

The film is a few trigger-happy cop, Vetriselvan World Health Organization shoots criminals, takes on his higher-ups, shoots a lot of criminals, takes on powerful, corrupt politicians, and shoots a lot of criminals. within the starting of the film, we have a tendency to ar told that he has been a part of over twenty encounters, and by the top, that count should have simply gone on the far side two hundred. He has no rue regarding killing somebody’s being and is essentially a rock (it helps that he’s contend by RK). In one scene, child|a child}napper dangles a kid from the fifth floor of associate degree under-construction building and drops him. What will Vetriselvan do? He starts shooting at the criminals, we have a tendency to get a fight and that is it. Did the child survive? If not, however will Vetriselvan feel regarding it? we do not get any answers; instead, the film breaks into a song!

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The romantic track is even higher. The heroine, Vetriselvan’s moraponnu, has, affixed his face on prime of all our film stars within the posters that adorn her space and romances him by singing that she’s a moon not touched by Armstrong and may be a mixture of queen, actress and wait… Sherlyn Chopra! certainly, she cannot be that desperate!

Wikipedia says that the film is outwardly a remake of the movie industry film Ab Tak Chhappan however we have a tendency to doubt if Shimit Amin or anyone related to that film is probably going to travel to the court claiming copyright. they’re going to all be solely desirous to assure U.S.A. that this is often a completely totally different film, if solely to shield the bequest of their film. harrowing is that the word that defines this film because it is that the psychological equivalent of getting your nails force out of your finger one by one. Somewhere Vijayakanth should be happy at U.S.A. for creating jokes on him after we square measure being tortured in such fashion.

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