Edgar Allan Poe's Lighthouse Keeper

I have forever felt that a beacon light is a perfect setting for a horror story. Isolated, at the mercy of the weather, enclosed by a rolling ocean reminding U.S.A. all however tiny we have a tendency to area unit. This film relies on Edgar Allen Poe’s unfinished (barely started, in fact) final work. Director and Producer Benjamin Cooper conjointly co-wrote it.

Director: Benjamin Cooper
Writers: Benjamin Cooper, Carl Edge
Stars: Vernon Wells, Matt O’Neill, Rachel Riley

Young JP (Matt O’Neill) finds himself washed au fait a beach and sees a miss. She may be associate apparition, however she appears totally un-spectre-like. The wound on his head causes him to pass out and once he wakes, he’s within the near tower with the abrasive keeper Walsh (Vernon Wells), World Health Organization guarantees him mysteriously that he can continuously keep a light-weight burning throughout the night.

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I really enjoyed this old-style excursion into nightmare, though the ending will leave quite many queries nonreciprocal – I even have to assume that’s intentional, and whereas I even have no downside with open-endings, i’m left unsure on whether or not everything up thereto purpose had been a dream, this can be a case of endless formula or whether or not JP had been a young Walsh right along. Whatever, it’s smart to possess a horror film that is still within the memory long once it’s over.

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