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I have a weird confession. I’m looking “Earth to Echo,” this totally unashamed sci-fi fantasy robbery of “E.T.” and virtually each kid-friendly film that film producer has ever made and/or directed—or even simply thought of manufacturing and/or directional. The premise? 3 pubescent boys during an NV subdivision that’s close to being destroyed to create the method for a throughway (yeah, right, wink, wink) suddenly receive a weird image on their smartphones the day before they have to move.

Director: Dave Green
Writers: Henry Gayden, Henry Gayden
Stars: Teo Halm, Astro, Reese Hartwig

One of these social misfits, whose technical school savvy and amusing awkwardness structure for what they lack in cool, announces that he has determined the precise nature of this mysterious object. Now, to me, since it’s formed like AN inverted triangle with rounded edges, it’s kind of like those diagrams of the feminine system that usually show up in the examining rooms of gynecologists.

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It has to be a female internal reproductive organ, right? Complete with ovaries and Fallopian tubes. OK, I did opt for my annual test recently and such matters air within the forefront of my mind, thus don’t choose Pine Tree State too gratingly. But, suddenly, I used to be hoping that this was reaching to be quite with boldness original coming-of-age story.

Not an opportunity. Instead, the blob on their phone finally ends up being simply a map to a desolate space within the desert wherever a battered, wee, owl-like alien lined in what seems to be metal armor has crashed.

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