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Dosti Full Movie HD Download in High Quality on 720p. Dosti Movie It’s a joke hand-picked by director V Anand, however he stretches it with redundant sequences, creating it additional boring than informative. It deals with however a school fails to respect the emotions of a poor student WHO cannot pay the examination fee, and loses his life once he falls off a building, and the way four students take revenge. Perhaps, with an improved script and spirited narration, the director may have handled the story effectively, confining it to a crisp 2 hours.

Director: Suneel Darshan
Writers: Robin Bhatt
Stars: Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Kareena Kapoor

The story revolves round the death of Ravi, a poor student of KK Engineering faculty, pass by KK (Lakshman), an MLA. Ravi falls off a building and dies, once he fails to pay the examination inaction fee and write the VTU exam. Later, we have a tendency to learn that Ravi failed to kill, however, was pushed to death by KK’s goons. Four students — Prithvi, Surya, Shashi, and Vathapi — WHO return to understand of this, plan to take revenge on the MLA. it is a powerful task for them, however, they fight their best. however, do they are doing it?

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There’s conjointly a romantic track within the story, with Prithvi and Hindu deity falling enamored with Megha (Niharika Mallya). WHO will she choose? Prithvi and Hindu deity have done justice to their roles. Niharika is spectacular. Music by Nagendrakumar contains a few catchy tunes. SK Rao’s filming is sweet.

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