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Don’t Think Twice,” microphone Birbiglia’s extraordinary new film, is thus spot-on in its evocation of that whole “scene,” onstage and off—its intimacy, competition, struggles and rhythms—that occasionally it sounds like a documentary.

Director: Mike Birbiglia
Writer: Mike Birbiglia
Stars: Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Mike Birbiglia

The show has the patience and intelligence to approach very esoteric concepts: improv’s “group mind,” the generosity of excellent performers, the precise rules of improv and the way they impact the cluster outside the theatre. Birbiglia may be a humorist and director (“Sleepwalk With Pine Tree State,” his 1st film), with a background in improv. Not solely will he understand that world thus well, he conjointly is aware of the way to communicate it to associate audience. “Don’t suppose Twice” is humourous, yes, however it is also thoughtful and unhappy and sweet. Birbiglia is aware of the way to communicate those things, too.

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“Don’t suppose Twice” follows a replacement York-based improv cluster known as, suitably, “The Commune” through a year in their lives. The Brooklyn theatre wherever they have been doing improv has been sold , and status approaches.

It’s a terribly big apple drawback, as tiny black-box theaters disappear one by one, gleaming condos and Starbucks rising in their place, a state of affairs that strands the non-Union theatre scene in a very desert. The Commune casts around urgently for an inexpensive house, and in conjunction with that ar the trials and tribulations of every cluster member. It appears like “Don’t suppose Twice” is your ordinary, 20-something ensemble comedy, however it isn’t. Grounded {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very specific scene, it understands the globe during which these characters operate, and what happens once an in depth cluster like that faces fracturing modification.

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