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Ost horror movies – industrial ones a minimum of – survive or die on the idea of however scary they’re. fortunately, Don’t Breathe, director Fede Alvarez’s follow up to his refreshfully gory Evil Dead remake, quite delivers on the respiration-restricting promise of its title. The film, a couple of trio of young burglars WHO burgled the house of a blind veteran (Stephen Lang) and acquire a hell of lots quite they bargained for, is deliciously tense.

Director: Fede Alvarez
Writers: Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues
Stars: Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette

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Alvarez is adept at fiddling with his audience – teasing the United States of America with creaking floorboards and a crafty, “Oh God, wherever is he now?” villain – and, when a minute, it becomes straightforward, if not precisely restful, to simply sit back and let him play.

You’ll jump. You’ll gasp. And – throughout one notably unforgettable moment, involving a baster, a mouth and a few, erm, body fluid – you’ll virtually definitely gag. (In different words, this film’s “money shot” definitely pays off.)

But whereas Don’t Breathe could be the proper popcorn-munching date moving-picture show – it’s presently taking place a storm at the America box workplace – the film manages to be unusually undisturbing. Yes, it’s jumpy, however, the extended set-up, during which we tend to see the thieves stake out the house and their “harmless” target, leaves the audience poised for one thing – and somebody – very nasty.

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