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Mansoor Ali (Ronit Roy) is Dongri’s master. Dongri Ka Raja Full Movie Download in Fully HD Quality on 720p. Raja (Gashmeer Mahajani), his foot soldier, is meant to be your regular gangster-movie sharp shooter World Health Organization thinks together with his gun. till he spots Shruti (Reecha Sinha) and also the four-valved organ in his chest suddenly involves life.

Director: Hadi Abrar
Writer: M. Salim
Stars: Ronit Roy, Ashmit Patel, Gashmeer Mahajan

Love blossoms among alternative underworld cliches, and Mansoor Ali gets wind of the shiny factor distracting his one-person army. Dongri Ka Raja Full Movie HD Download. The lovers should currently – you guessed it – run away so as to measure with happiness ever once.

Dongri Ka Raja Full Movie Trailer

It is not most the certainty of the story, however the laziness in storytelling that gets to you. The corrupt cop unleashes terror, the strait-laced one is helpless, the mother watches in silence and therefore the don will the Sarkar hand gesture each once in a very whereas. Dongri Ka Raja Full Movie Download in HD Quality. A pious song plays once someone’s hospitalized, and therefore the bulb outside the Operation Theatre lights up; the hero celebrates his kills with a Sunny Sierra Leone monetary unit item song as heroes do.

Every character appears to be a dialogue author and you finish up confused on whether or not you are in a very picture show or a mushaira. Dongri Ka Raja Full Movie Download in High Quality. A half-decent twist comes too late within the story to salvage all that is gone south.

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