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Dohchay may be a crime comedy a few conman, Chandu (Naga Chaitanya) United Nations agency has the globe at his feet. Dohchay Full Movie HD Download in Hindi on Full HD 720p. He simply spots his prey like AN eagle and accomplishes his job as if he is born to try to to that, with none concern that he would possibly get caught. however he is conjointly a man United Nations agency has principles. In fact, he cons folks to be able to afford the school fees of his sister, United Nations agency desires to become a doctor and to secure the discharge of his father, United Nations agency is in jail. And he has no qualms to risk his own life to attain these 2 goals. within the middle of all this, he falls crazy with Meera (Kriti Sanon). And like each alternative film during this genre, there is a motif – a bag containing Rs a pair of crores. By a stroke of luck Chandu gets his hands on the bag, that triggers a sequence of events, wherever everything that he had planned may tumble down.

Director: Sudheer Varma
Writers: Arjun, Carthik
Stars: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Ravi Babu, Brahmanandam

Now, all this looks like an ideal masala for a intriguing con drama, however what we have a tendency to get within the finish may be a partially diverting, a watered-down version of everything you expect from a movie during this genre. For all its well-conceived scenes, there is barely any sense of urgency or Adrenalin rush which may place Chandu in real danger. there is perpetually a concept B and Chandu makes each act of his seem to be a child’s play. As if that is not enough, his biggest nemesis, Manikyam (Posani Murali Krishna) is a lot of of a comic-villain, UN agency himself acknowledges that his temperament does not scare anyone around him. No wonder, we do not take anyone or something seriously within the film, and also the film itself does not suck North American nation into its broad canvas.

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At one purpose, you start to marvel if this however it appears like to visualize a doubtless smart plan losing track of its tone and drama? perhaps. Maybe not. Because, if there is something that you’re taking back when looking a Telugu film is that the range of times you laughed and in this sense, Dohchay delivers quite well. the complete track that includes Posani Murali avatar, exam Harsha and Trilok is screaming and therefore the trio area unit lucky to induce the most effective lines within the film. Then there is the ever dependable Brahmanandam, United Nations agency plays a sexy role player named Bullet baboo. His entry into the story is one in every of the high points and as long as he is around, nothing else appears to matter. Saptagiri features a temporary anaglyph and his interactions with Naga Chaitanya area unit pretty funny in addition.

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