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Dirty Politics Full Movie HD Download in 2015. Dirty Politics movie story begins with the very fact that Anokhi Hindu deity, a strong political figure has gone missing. there’s associate degree uproar to seek out her and it’s deduced that folks behind her snatch ar powerful figures. The case that’s initial with the police traces the incident back to Mukhtiyar Khan. Cops come back to arrest Khan however on the orders of their superiors they’re compelled to let him go. Manoj Singh, a neighborhood public servant is inextricably concerned during this. The last decision Anokhi had created was to him. On his pestiferous, the case moves to CBI World Health Organization gets back the officers World Health Organization were the primary to research the case.

Director: K.C. Bokadia
Producer: Nihal farhat
Stars: Mallika Sherawat, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana, Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah

The case gets utterly out of hand and sophisticated once officer Mishra takes over the case. He begins to try to to an intensive background check on Anokhi. It’s discovered that she was at first a dancer however this field came her manner once politician Dina Nath takes a feeling for her. Since she grew up in terribly dangerous monetary scenario, she is well lured by cash. Her relationship with Dina Nath was given her power, cash and things were quite understanding for her.

Mukhtiyar and she or he set their eye on constant body and since the guy knew too several of their secrets, Dina Nath had no possibility however to relinquish away that body to him. Anokhi loses it and she or he and Nath find yourself during a verbal scuffle. She tells him of the CD that is that the proof of them sex and threatens to create it infectious agent. What was even a lot of stunning was that Dina Nath takes it on him and tries to trade together with her. She asks for fifty crores reciprocally for the tape and body.

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To get her out if the manner, Dina Nath gets Mukhtiyar to kill her. The police is recklessly longing for cues to induce to the felon. Their immediate target in Mukhtiyar as a result of the tape that Singh had suspect him of her capture. Evidences ar covert and Anokhi’s phone is discovered from a stack of dry grass. It appears that they kill her then burnt her body.

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