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Badal (Yogesh Kumar) may be a violent child United Nations agency fulfills his childhood ambition to hitch the gang of horrendous country Mafioso, Bachcha baboo (Jimmy Sheirgill). even as he joins his childhood idol’s gang, enters the love of his life, Megha (Madalsa Sharma). Some eve teasing and a song later, we’re undecided if Megha hates Badal, as she claims within the film, or whether or not she’s mad at him, as she claims within the songs. however her father, Sharmaji (Shakti Kapoor), is certainly peeved and approaches Bachcha baboo to stay the eve-teasing Badal faraway from her.

Genres: Romance
Language: Hindi
Director: Sushikailash
Writers: Sushikailash
Stars: Shagufta Ali, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Avtar Gill

This is a nasty move Sharmaji’s half, as Bachcha baboo seems to be Associate in Nursing unknown devil to Badal’s illustrious one, and has currently has developed some serious hots for Megha. Nothing can stop him from marrying her; consent be damned! He beats Badal senseless, feat him to die on the outskirts of the town and goes on getting ready for his wedding. however Badal is not simple to kill as he returns from the dead. He crashes the marriage reception of Megha and Bachcha baboo, singing and performing arts, and rescues the bride, courtesy one stunt-jump and a wheelie. They each run away till they are wedged at the film’s climax, that is supremely guessable.

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Yogesh Kumar is promising as a assertive goon in sure scenes in his screenland debut, however the weak story with even weaker dialogues, does not enable the young actor to try and do a lot of. Similar is that the case with Madalsa Sharma. Jimmy Sheirgill refurbishes his act from Saheb Biwi Aur mobster. it is a joy to ascertain Shakti Kapoor as a victim, and not the disagreeable person for once, and he will an honest job. Hrishitaa Bhatt has a lot of of a anaglyph than associate actual role within the film, as Bachcha Babu’s poetry spurting adult female.

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