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Dhara 302 could be a Hindi Bollywood film with a novel story or plot. Dhara 302 Hindi Full Movie HD Download. The film is called distinctive to draw in audience. The picture show isn’t in this a lot of packaging of unleash this might flow from to sizable amount of picture show unleash on twenty sixth February 2016. this huge variety of unleash of the flicks created it tough for Dhara 302 to possess a historical success on box workplace.

Director & Writer: Jitendra Singh Naruka
Stars: Dipti, Pradeep Kabra, Rufy Khan

The film directed by Jitendra Singh Naruka ans is created by Bhawani Shankar Yogi. Sahil Multy Khan gave music within the film. the film is prima Rufy Khan, Dipti Dhotre, Gulshan Pandey, Vicky Pandit and Rohit Tada. The film could be a nice chance for all the casting team to grew up in movie industry. Dialogues and book for the film is finished by Jitendra Singh Naruka

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The story of the film revolves around a boy twelve years in age Veer Singh United Nations agency accidentally moves to a wrong path or criminal path and with the passage of your time he turns into a giant criminal then his love girl comes in his life and makes him perceive why smart path is vital to measure a healthy and fond life.

She makes him to go away the criminal path and once he involves the trail of truth and honesty society denies to simply accept an individual with criminal past. They each faces a bulk of issues like Social harassment, Legal problems et al..

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