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Movie Review: Kamarupan Chaitanya trades his romantic boy image for Associate in Nursing action hero avatar with “Dhada”, that is high on production price, however lacks in content.

CAST: Naga Chaitanya, Kajal Agarwal, Rahul Dev, Kelly Dorjee, Ejaz Khan and Brahmanandam
DIRECTION: Ajay Bhuyan
GENRE: Action

Vishnu (Naga Chaitanya) lives in LA together with his brother. He meets Ria (Kajal Agarwal), a businessman’s (Mukesh Rishi) female offspring, World Health Organization has everything in life however love. the 2 fall crazy. however Ria’s father needs to marry her off to Amit (Ejaz Khan). Meanwhile, Vishnu, World Health Organization rescues a hundred ladies from a sex trafficking racket involving 2 dons — Kelly (Kelly Dorjee) and RD (Rahul Dev) — is being afraid down by goons. Vishnu’s brother, Rajeev, too is in hassle as he’s employed for RD. the remainder of the plot is regarding however Hindu deity saves Rajeev and wins Ria.

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The film has no solid subject. Director Ajay Bhuyan only focussed on the technical aspects. whereas the film appearance fashionable and slick, there’s no real “dhada”. However, the filming by Gnana Sekhar VS is prime notch, he captures the foreign locales and action scenes bright.

After sensible performances in his last 2 films, Kamarupan Chaitanya does not live up to expectations. He has a similar expression stuck on his face throughout the moving-picture show. Kajal look glamourous and had nothing else to try and do. Eijaz Khan, UN agency makes his Telugu debut as a role appearance sensible on screen, however cannot boast of a lot of else.

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