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He calls himself associate ‘uttar bharatiya’ (north Indian) and keeps crying himself husky concerning the second category treatment dispensed to him and his fellow uttar bharatiyas by the political category of Maharashtra.

Directed by : Pragnesh pravinbhai thummer
Produced by : Kamaal Rashid Khan
Written by : Kamaal Rashid Khan

And once nobody pays any attention to him, he is such a sniveller, anyway he picks up the gun and begins to clear the town of all the deshdrohis (traitors) United Nations agency happen to be netas of all hue and color. Some Sanskrit manoos and a few uttar Bharatiyas too, as a result of once it involves kursi, all netas have only one ideology: gotta suspend on to power, by hook or by crook!

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Okay, we are able to perceive this film was created to make the most on the interest. The dominion writer philippic and therefore the Rahul dominion incident ar still grabbing headlines. however we won’t perceive why adult male KRK (Kamal Rashid Khan) dreamt of doing AN SRK, specially since he does not recognize the first principle of acting.

Watch him fly through the air and take a look at some shoot-outs with yellow lifters and increasing jeans so ham through homilies on national integration, you will recognize it is time to fly too.

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