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Not a sequel in any thanks to last year’s Darling, Darling 2 Full Movie Full Download in full HD on 720p. Darling a pair of could be a rather sombre horror film that leaves you unaffected despite some commendable tricks (Vijay Karttika Kannan) and sound style (M Ravi and Arun-Seenu). It begins promisingly with a adult female possessed by the unknown being branded schizophrenic. The action then cuts to Arvind (Kalaiyarasan) and his friends. Their friend Ram (Rameez Raja), whose look-alike brother avatar is additionally a part of the gang, had committed suicide a year agone, and also the cluster decides to travel on a visit to Valparai for a amendment of scenery. There, they discover that Arvind has been possessed by the spirit of Ram, World Health Organization desires to kill him for his betrayal that resulted in Ram obtaining separated from his lover Ayesha (Maya).

Director: Sathish Chandrasekaran
Producer: K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Stars: Kalaiyarasan,Rameez Raja,Dr Maya,Hari

The problem with Darling a pair of is that the matter-of-fact narration of the plot, which, we have a tendency to area unit told within the finish, is impressed by true events, and director Sathish Chandrasekaran forgets to form it fun for the viewer. Neither will the film boast of any noteworthy scares nor will it have any unforgettable laughs (Ramdas’s one-liners hardly build U.S. smile). even though the intention was to allow U.S. a horror film pure by comedy, the film is showing emotion empty, despite some half-hearted tries at milking the friendly relationship angle. the rationale why the ghost(s) need to require revenge on Arvind, too, lacks emotional heft. curiously, like during this week’s alternative horror unleash, greeting Naan designer Pesuren, the ghost(s) take over the body of a living person only for the sake of being with its lover!

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Some of the scenes involving the ghost area unit shivery however the filler parts (mostly involving the buddies hanging out together) area unit quite uninteresting. Repeatedly, the director sets up associate intense scene (say, the scene involving Balaji’s encounter with the ghost for the primary time) solely to finish it on a beat note. In the end, the film starts to check a sound and lightweight show that guarantees lots however does not keep participating for long.

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