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Films concerning heavier-than-air craft malfunctions or crashes ar a number of the foremost tense movies out there. The construct behind those movies is that realism will place worry into the viewers minds attributable to the actual fact that it shows what might happen during a middle air collision, hull breach or something like that. however this picture is way off this idea.

Director: Thomas Jauch
Writers: Marc Hillefeld, Bettina Platz
Stars: Peter Haber, Maximilian von Pufendorf, Bernadette Heerwagen

The picturelooksto undertake to be kafkaesque in each single scene. Nothing of what happens during thispictureis predicated on truth. thusit’s not phantasy, right? that is why this can be not a “Star Wars physics criticism” kind of review. this can bea lot of worse. i will be able to not waste the readers time and justifyeach mistake howeversimply a few: The flying field (in the film) doesn’t have parallel runways, as you’ll see in ammohowever the controller confuses rwys 12L and 21L; the entire runway confusion scene is simply ridiculous; what’s a service plane?; why does not the landing aircraft’s pilot see the automotive on the runway – or why is that the plane’s approachthus steep that the pilot cannot see that automotive on the rwy?; you cannot enter a “alpha”

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into the transponder; no plane includes a master alert sign that flashes within the MFD; the entireplan of associatecraftstallthroughout climb with the engines at take-off thrust is simply stupid; hail to the pilot’s lungs! He will breathe at over 31000 feet associated claims that the air can get terriblyskinnyshortly – respect!; why is that the ground team able to predict the crash website of the craft once it’s still an hour away?; howeverwill they transfer the flight computer’s OS and… why?

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