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Countdown Full Movie HD Download in 720p. Plot: A sick person captures a young boy and rigs him with explosives. Ray Fitzpatrick (Dolph Ziggler), still haunted by the loss of his own son, can defy orders to prevent the clock and save a life.

Review: Dolph Ziggler has “action star” written everywhere him as he has real screen presence and charisma; it’s simply a shame that count is such a bland and unmemorable action heroic tale. I’m a giant fan of director John Stockwell World Health Organization did a pleasant job with the underrated Gina Carano moving-picture show within the Blood, therefore, I had high expectations for the action.

Director: John Stockwell
Writers: Michael Finch, Richard Wenk
Stars: Nic Nemeth, Glenn Jacobs, Katharine Isabelle

Sadly, count lacks any real excitement and there’s so much too long a niche between action scenes; if a baby is size you’d expect the race against the clock to be tense however unusually this lacks any thrills and plods on creating it feel longer than it’s.

It additionally lacks an honest villain, therefore, there’s no real sense of threat or imminent doom…. and there very ought to be.

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Because of the shortage of huge|an enormous|a giant} dangerous then there’s no big final punch up or exciting finale; the worst factor you’ll say concerning associate action film is that it’s boring and albeit this was. The script is additionally pretty forgettable with no unforgettable one-liners or dialogue.

At least what action there’s was virtually done and also the biggest and to the present film is that it looks like associate old-fashioned 90’s B movie; like I aforesaid, Ziggler definitely fits the mold for the long haired badass.

Overall, reckoning was a disappointment as I sometimes fancy WWE movies however it will deliver old-school action in components and Ziggler may be a cool action hero. perhaps rent it if there’s nothing else on.

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