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Babji (Aadi) could be a recovery agent UN agency lives together with his friends in Hyderabad. thanks to a misunderstanding, ACP (Abhimanyu Singh) assumes that Babji and his sister, Kavya (Namitha Pramod) square measure having AN affair. Kavya in the meantime keeps making an attempt to run off from home to flee her brother’s makes an attempt to induce her married. They each find yourself travel back to Babji’s town wherever his father, Dora man (Sai Kumar) is that the “Godfather”. wherever can all this lead to?

Movie: Chuttalabbayi 2016
Genres: Action , Romance
Language: Telugu
Quality: DVDScr
Size: 700MB
Director: Veerabhadram Mullapudi
Writers: Venkat Talari, Ram Talluri
Stars: Aadi, Namitha Pramodh.

The answer to the question “Where can all this lead to?” is “Nowhere”. you retain waiting and waiting and anticipating the plot to thicken, however whenever it looks like it’ll, the story gets distracted by random comic tracks, casual discrimination and fart jokes. there’s such a lot happening within the picture at any given purpose that by the top of it all, you simply do not care any longer. The picture is touted as AN action-romance-comedy, however the whole picture is simply AN avalanche of build up to AN underwhelming product of every of those parts.

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Aadi tried his hand at doing comedy that he a lot of or less failing at. It may be goddamn at weak direction, though. His over dramatic expressions did nothing to feature to the already lacking motion-picture show. however points for effort – albeit wasted. looking at Sai Kumar on the screen was a delight however we tend to would’ve enjoyed looking at him act, even more. The character Dora man despite all the promotion had nothing to appear forward to. Meanwhile, Namitha Pramod scarf the show together with her acting artistry. though the flamboyant motion-picture show failed to enable her to act naturally, she definitely was convincing within the role.

The role of Kavya itself was a disappointment. simply after you notice that despite all the business film components urging her to not, she’s standing robust on what she believes in – not obtaining married. on the other hand she waits for that one pre-climax fight Aadi completes for her to understand that she loves him. Mind you he is already fought goons fourfold before. It’s as if the writers simply threw within the towel as a result of, “Why waste time on writing the heroine’s role?” Speaking of that, there is another heroine within the motion-picture show whose sole job within the motion-picture show is to squeal with delight on the sight of her bava, throw herself at him and create faces. do not hate on the faces – she’s compensating the shortage of dialogues.

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