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Karthik (Siddharth) is associate aspiring theater director, Chikkadu Dorakadu Full Movie HD Download in 720p. who, when losing a movie creating contest is summoned by a number one producer to return up with a gritty felon flick. Upon knowing a couple of remorseless felon named ‘Attack’ Seshu(Bobby Simha), Karthik sets out on a journey to analysis regarding him.

What reasonably analysis will Karthik do ? can he find yourself creating associate winning biopic on Seshu’s life ? and what issues will he face throughout the course of your time forms the remainder of the story.

Director: Karthik Subbaraj
Producer: Aathish Hariharan, Bala Gopi
Stars: Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon

The recent and distinctive story is beyond any doubt the key highlight of Chikkadu Dorakadu. This crime drama options bound scenes which can surprise everybody by the approach there ar accustomed evoke fun. The director should be lauded for showing intelligence mixing the extreme emotional depth and comedy scenes throughout the narrative.

Characterizations of all the actors is one more winner for this film. police officer Simha’s easy portrayal as ‘Attack’ Seshu can arrest the audience’s attention until the top. Siddharth and Hindu deity Menon ar quite effective in their roles and then ar the remainder of the actors.

Kadaladu Vadaladu Full Movie Watch Online

The scenes that result in the interval sequence ar tops. The film’s half has ample doses of comedy. The pre-climax and climax episodes merit an enormous approval.

The major minus purpose of the film is that the distinct mood that has been carried throughout the narrative. Telugu moviegoers ar unaccustomed this genre and people World Health Organization love routine business potboilers might not patronize this film.

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