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Champion Hindi Full Movie Download in 720p. S.S.B. CHAMPION movie, directed by Padam Kumar, could be a tale a couple of man UN agency encompasses a quest, a dream to be the simplest. The film centres around four main characters, particularly Rajveer Singh (Sunny Deol), a someone from a village in geographical area, whose sole dream in life is to become a super-cop and wipe off all crime.

After coaching, he gets his 1st posting at metropolis for a special assignment. effervescent with enthusiasm, on arrival, he’s aghast to search out that his job is to safeguard a nine-year-old boy, Abbas (Abhishek Sharma). A bodyguard, on balance the rigorous coaching to eliminate hardcore criminals!

Directors: Padam Kumar, Jana Sue Memel
Stars: Sunny Deol, Manisha Koirala, Rahul Dev

Abbas is that the sole heir to voluminous wealth left to him by his oldsters (Deepak Parashar-Padmini Kapila), UN agency have terminated in a very plane crash. the sole threat to Abbas’s life is Nazir (Rahul Dev), UN agency encompasses a personal feud owing to that he poisonously stalks the innocent kid.

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Abbas’s solely guardian is Sapna (Manisha Koirala), a spirited woman and a winning model UN agency is near Abbas and his family. Rajveer and Abbas hate one another from the word go. Rajveer dislikes this naughty spoilt wealthy brat for being the explanation for his shattered dream of changing into a super-cop, whereas Abbas hates Rajveer for curtailing his freedom to try to to things as he pleases.

From here starts a really fascinating love-hate relationship full of fun and laughter, solely to culminate into Rajveer and Sapna falling enamored and Abbas and Rajveer developing a relationship of understanding by the tip of the day wherever Rajveer is prepared to risk everything to shield Abbas from Nazir, the sole danger in Abbas’s life.

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