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Chal Bhaag Full Movie HD Download on 720p. Chal Bhaag movie It’s not rocket science to determine what proportion the screenland is addicted to mobster movies. Some survive the take a look at, most bite the mud. This week’s CHAL BHAAG brings along the essences of power and politics.

Director: Prakash Saini
Stars: Deepak Dobriyal, Keeya Khanna, Varun Mehra

Majorly shot in city and metropolis, the film starts with a political candidate and his aides being withdrawn in his automotive by a alarming don’s 3 shooters, therefore giving the cops a reason to air their toes. round the same time, Munna Supari [Deepak Dobriyal], Bunty [Tarun Bajaj] and Daler Singh [Varun Mehra] additionally get in remission for petty crimes. thanks to the pressure of the don stern the discharge of his 3 men, the police inspector frees the don’s men and replaces them with Munna, Bunty and Daler. the $64000 story unfolds once this trio notice themselves involved in an exceedingly pretend encounter plot.

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CHAL BHAAG goes haywire right from the word go. The film has a motivating premise, however the director does not have the grip on the plot and it shows within the film. an equivalent goes for the film’s music. The songs area unit forced within the narrative to induce the film going. the only state is its background score. the failings may are coated had the redaction been razor-sharp.

Of the forged, it is the versatile Deepak Dobriyal that steals the show. an equivalent can’t be aforementioned for others as well as Varun Mehra and Tarun Bajaj, WHO have a protracted thanks to get into acting. Keeya Khanna hardly gets her place within the sun. Sanjay Mishra, Yashpal Sharma, Mukesh Tiwari and Manish Khanna deliver what is expected from them.

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