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Some time has passed since Patricia’s friends were slaughtered by the clown within the woods of Camp Blood. Still bolted up in AN asylum, Patricia is endlessly affected by nightmares of the killer clown. Against his higher judgement, Patricia’s doctor lets her leave the asylum underneath the care of a neighborhood director United Nations agency desires to create a motion picture supported the murders. As she heads into the woods with the actors and a movie crew, the murders restart.

Director: Dustin Ferguson
Writer: Dustin Ferguson
Stars: Schuylar Craig, Doug Mill, Jennifer Mill

I’m unsure why Brad Sykes set he required to form a sequel to “Camp Blood” however, then again, why not. “Camp Blood 4” is as dangerous as it’s forerunner however i am really willing to travel out on a limb and say it’s really reasonably clever. “Camp Blood 4” is a couple of flick being created regarding the murders that occured within the 1st flick – essentially a horror flick a couple of horror flick being created, and would not you recognize it, the horror half becomes a reality. folks square measure picked off one by one, everybody thinks it’s Patricia doing it, Patricia thinks it’s everybody round her doing it, things happen, there is a twist, innumerable oh’s and ah’s square measure had attributable to the twist so it’s left open for an additional sequel.

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The general setup is not what is clever concerning the moving picture. What i feel created it clever and i will stress the purpose that once I say it’s clever, i am solely talking a few terribly, terribly tiny share of the moving picture. We’re talking a little fraction here. Anyway, what is clever is that i might say the moving picture is essentially a dramatic recreation of what it had been like for Brad Sykes to create the primary moving picture. solely no one really died – simply the spirits and dreams of these United Nations agency worked on that. “Camp Blood 4” options a director United Nations agency dreams massive and heads get into the native woods with a video camera, friends United Nations agency represent a crew and a bunch of would-be actors giving it there all, that is reasonably unhappy if that is their all. i am certain no one was psychoneurotic to the lacking quality of “Camp Blood” and “Camp Blood 4” will be seen reasonably a ribbing of the primary moving picture – and it’s Brad’s temperament to roast of himself and his moving picture with a sequel is what i am willing to grant the moving picture credit for in terms of being clever.

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