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Burnt Full Movie HD Free Download. Look out, bon vivant cinema — there is a new peace officer in city and his name is cook Adam Jones, the swaggering hero of “Burnt.” contend by a superbly bestubbled Bradley Cooper, Adam is Associate in Nursing beautifully broken dangerous boy with a motorbike jacket and a halibut formula that may provide you with “culinary orgasms.” Hide the booze! Stash your drugs! And take care to lock up your daughters as a result of Adam is simply too savory for any girl to resist.

Director: John Wells
Writers: Steven Knight (screenplay), Michael Kalesniko (story)
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl

“Burnt” isn’t a comedy, however if Cooper were replaced by can Ferrell it might be virtually as funny as “Anchorman.” Written sort of a noir by Steven Knight and directed sort of a moody cop show by John Wells (NBC’s “Third Watch”), “Burnt” takes itself thus seriously that it finishes up as self-parody. however else to explain a show during which the romantic leads kiss thus turbulently that they fling away their searching baggage choked with abraded sole?
If the hero of Pixar’s “Ratatouille” was primarily Billy Elliot, and also the hero of Jon Favreau’s “Chef” was Krauthead Maguire, then Adam is “like the Rolling Stones,” says one awed character. (Hence the gritty blues by John Lee Hooker that opens the film.)

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Formerly the nonconformist of Paris, Adam flamed out 3 years agone with medication, alcohol and ladies. currently he is sober and living in London, wherever he starts a daring new edifice — Adam Jones at the Langhorne — along with his cautiously corroborative friend Tony (Daniel Bruhl). Their goal: the elusive third Michelin star.

“Burnt” strains onerous to strike masculine poses among its rarefied world. generally it sounds like “Full Metal Michelin,” as Adam browbeats his employees and forces them to apologize to the food they’ve ruined. At different times it is a cookery “Chinatown,” as pretty sous cook Helene (Sienna Miller) presses Adam for the reality of his shadowy past. Matthew Rhys plays Reece, Adam’s solely equal; the 2 relish their group action sort of a number of Kung-Fu masters.

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