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Bullet Rani is that the honest, sincere, pan-chewing cop, UN agency is each corrupt person’s terror. She packs in the maximum amount clock on her dialogues as she will together with her kicks, guaranteeing everybody fears her and needs to eliminate her.

Director: Sajid Qureshi
Writer: Sajid Qureshi
Stars: Priyanka Kothari, Raghava Uday, Ashish Vidhyarthi

On paper, this film may have well been Priyanka Kothari’s Dabangg, putt her right up there on the enduring feminine action heroes list with the likes of Dimple Kapadia and Vijay Shanthi. Sadly, this Kannada-Telugu bilingual is a lot of farce than force, effort you riant aloud at moments that don’t seem to be imagined to be funny.

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To add to the drama, Rani’s costumes, that area unit dark colored body-fitting T-shirt that have ‘POLICE’ written in daring and capitals at the rear, area unit a lot of yank than Indian. and therefore the manufacturers too have ensured she will enough Baywatch-like running in those tight-fitted tees of hers instead of focus on a hard-hitting drama.

The villains area unit those UN agency take meaninglessness to the very best level. there’s one in all the most villain’s accessory UN agency is that this abominable combine between a person and a fierce cat, that leaves you riant instead of explore him with terror.

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