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Director R Chandru has elite an easy story of a youth stealing cash from the made and exploitation it for the welfare of the poor. Brahma Full Movie Download in 720p Full HD. With complete grip over the spirited script laced with humourous dialogues, the director has narrated the story excellently keeping the interest alive until the top. Perhaps, he might have avoided a few of songs to form the narration additional attention-grabbing. At the end, one gets the impression whether or not the moving-picture show can work as a launch pad for Upendra to enter politics.

Director: R. Chandru
Writer: R. Chandru
Stars: Upendra, Pranitha, Nasser

Brahma (Upendra), United Nations agency belongs to the celebrated Rajabrahma folk, steals cash from the made to serve the poor. He impresses the made through his straightforward manners and wins their confidence. Then they become his victim. the most effective example is Luckyman (Rangayana Raghu) United Nations agency is incredibly made. Brahma enters his house as his assistant and wins his trust. Luckyman is therefore affected by Brahma, he discloses his material resource to him. One fine day Brahma takes away all his cash and jewelry, creating Luckyman find yourself on the streets.

The story takes a motivating twist once Brahma is forced to loot cash from his father’s (Veerabrahma) house. Brahma had run removed from home and comes back to his father as Upendra when eighteen years. Veerabrahma fails to acknowledge his son. Brahma too does’nt reveal his identity. He hatches a thought to loot cash and jewelry from the house, however is caught by the police. the remainder is a wonderful drama that unfolds the positive aspect of Brahma.

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Upendra justly fits into the role and has done a neat job. tho’ Praneetha’s role is restricted, her expressions ar spectacular. Rangayana Raghu is bound to form you laugh with a superb performance. Suresh Mangalore and Nazar ar gracefull. Shekhar Chandra’s cinematograph is beautiful. Music by Gurukiran has nothing abundant to supply.

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