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Billa (Prabhas) may be a don in operation from Asian nation. Krishna Murthy (Krishnam Raju) may be a cop WHO is on the path of Billa. Billa dies in Associate in Nursing encounter with cops. Krishna Murthy keeps it as a secret and brings Billa’s lookalike Ranga – a petty stealer onto the scene. the remainder of the story is all concerning however Ranga completes the work for Krishna Murthy.

Director: Vishnuvardhan
Writers: Javed Akhtar, Salim Khan
Stars: Ajith Kumar, Nayanthara, Rahman

Prabhas is very fashionable with well toned and extremely muscular body within the role of the don. The blazers suited him very well. His second role as Ranga entertains North American nation with the dialogue delivery he popularized with Bujjigadu film. His steps in Bommari Bommali song area unit sensible.

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Anushka is sweet with slim figure and he or she is very glamourous in revealing dresses. She has no important role to play during this film. Hansika Motwani did a special role and he or she is sweet. Namitha entered in to Telugu screenland once more with Billa. She is horny and dubbed her own voice in Telugu. Krishnam Raju is adequate because the cop. Supreet is fashionable. Kelly Dorji’s role is associate extension of the one he donned in Nagarjuna’s Don. Rehman is competent in a very important role. Ali did a brief, however important role. Jayasudha did alittle, however nice role.

Billa’s story relies on Don film enclosed by Javed Akhtar. script of the film is adequate within the half and is small dissatisfactory within the last half. Director focused additional on the styling within the half. Direction of the film is adequate. tho’ it’s a thirty year recent story, the director ought to have done modifications thereto to create it additional logical and convincing. The twists towards climax lack logic. the youngsters thread ought to are extended into last half. it’s tremendous potential with nice sentimental price. the subsequent scenes square measure smart within the film.

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