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The film is told through a flashback by Bhagavathy (Vijay), Bagavathi Telugu Full Movie Download in HD 720p. the underworld don WHO started his life owning a teahouse. He worked laboriously to acquire his brother, Guna, WHO was finding out to become a doctor. Guna in course falls softly on with Priya, female offspring of MP and Don Easwara Pandian (Aashish Vidyarthi). Bhagavathy falls softly on with a judge’s female offspring Anjali (Reema Sen) WHO studies within the same school. Easwara Pandian kills Guna once he involves apprehending of his daughter’s affair. Priya pregnant with Guna’s kid requests Bhagavan’s protection from her standing aware father WHO seeks to kill her. These incidents force an amendment in Bhagavathy from a straightforward teahouse owner to an additional powerful don with the assistance of the MP’s rivals.

Director: A. Venkatesh
Writer: A. Venkatesh
Stars: Vijay, Reema Sen, Vadivelu

Bhagavathy wins people’s hearts by his deeds and is set to enter the election fray once he’s framed during a murder case and is forced to go away the town. however, Bhagavathy fights to guard his brother’s son against his grandad forms the climax.

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The fight scenes towards the tip particularly the train fight scenes area unit expected to be the highlight of the film. It’s onerous to digest a story of a devil-may-care tea stall owner whose solely dream is to create his brother a doctor, United Nations agency within the last half turns associate degree underworld don to revenge the death of his innocent brother! Watch it if you’re a rock-ribbed fan of Vijay.

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