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In “Being Charlie,” the director Rob Reiner breaks out of his sentimental broadcast mode to specialise in the anxiety of a chic, entitled la family. The title character, Charlie Mills (Nick Robinson), is its spoiled wonder boy, a ugly dependent brat we have a tendency to initial meet on his eighteenth birthday as he abandons the newest during a series of rehab establishments.

Director: Rob Reiner
Writers: Matt Elisofon, Nick Reiner
Stars: Nick Robinson, Common, Cary Elwes

This bitter apple hasn’t fallen aloof from the tree. Charlie’s father, David (Cary Elwes), could be a spectacularly foolish candidate for Golden State governor WHO created his fortune because the star of a blockbuster Hollywood franchise concerning pirates. together with his groomed blond hair and cold, self-important sneer, this politician-come-lately is Associate in Nursing empty suit robotically shaking hands whereas spewing foolish platitudes at meet-and-greets. He includes a fractious relationship together with his tense, neurotic better half, Liseanne (Susan Misner).

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“Being Charlie” includes a robust autobiographical element. consistent with the assembly notes, Nick Reiner (the director’s son) wrote the book with Matt Elisofon, whom he met in rehab. Charlie, like Mr. Elisofon, is Associate in Nursing aspiring comic. and also the transient scenes of Charlie on the stage reveal him to be a brash exhibitionist with a minimum of a small indefinite quantity of talent.

Let’s assume that Rob Reiner created a moving-picture show inhabited with disagreeable characters to transcend the feel-good clichés of the homesick family entertainments that he’s legendary with a a lot of realistic film concerning modern problems. however the movie’s refusal to abandon industrial formulas and examine its characters’ inner lives suggests that the director’s years within the Hollywood bubble could have prevented him from recognizing the degree to that freelance films and tv square measure already overrun with deeper, a lot of sensitive explorations of addiction and recovery.

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