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The clap on the cheek should be one amongst Tollywood’s favorite comic ploys and Brahmanandam has turned it – (getting mistreated i.e.) – into a creation. He has contend the side-kick, World Health Organization keeps obtaining mistreated by the hero in multitudinous movies, nonetheless the audiences cannot appear to prevent themselves from detonating out happy…more usually than not. Guess we’ve simply been conditioned to believe it’s funny to envision folks obtaining mistreated by our filmmakers World Health Organization found a replacement quirk off late – packing in a minimum of one ingratiating Pawan Kalyan reference.

CAST: Ravi Teja, Shruti Haasan, Anjali, Prakash Raj, Ashutosh Ranam
DIRECTION: Gopichand Mallineni
GENRE: Action
DURATION: 2 hours 29 minutes

Right within the starting, we’ve got that painting horse riding scene from Gabbar Singh in an exceedingly dream sequence, as if to let the Pawan fans among the audience an opportunity to hoot. However, Balayya fans on the opposite hand, haven’t taken too kindly to associate episode wherever Ravi Teja mimics the Nandamuri icon’s dialogue delivery in an exceedingly comedy scene.

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But then Brahmanandam takes potshots at Allu Arjun’s Matalu levu dialogue from Iddarammayilatho and is additionally seen formation gangam vogue with Shruti. The climax has some freakish jumping japang moments additionally rolled in. The filmmakers positive got all the bases lined on the “entertainment” front.

Balupu Full Movie Download

It’s got quite an few Ravi Teja moments similarly. inheritable bajji peeki, nune lo vesi, cut chesi, cut mirchi chesestha (I can grab your bajji, fry it in oil and cut it and build cut mirchi out of it) goes a 1 liner. There area unit many punch dialogues similarly. Basic ga sodium voice ki base ekkuva, hand ki durada ekkuva, total ga applied science body ki balupu ekkuva. . . Ye concern leni vadu endulonaina interfere avuthadu…. uncalled-for to mention, the Mass maharajah carries off the tailor created role along with his trademark panache.

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