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How does one introduce associate incestuous romantic comedy, associate action heroic tale with a twist, a ghost comedy, Aviyal Full Movie Download in HD Quality 720p. associated a tale among a tale? Aviyal answers it with Shameer Sultan’s wacky prelude that has an actor talking. it’s only it ends that we tend to realise that he has been making ready USA for what’s to follow.

Directors: Lokesh Kanagaraj, Mohit Mehra
Stars: Praveen Kumar, Sharath Kumar, Arjunan Nandakumar

Sruthi Bedam incorporates a plot that if tried in a very thought film nowadays can have one organisation or the opposite protestant. A young man is interested in the guest World Health Organization has return to his home. She could be a looker and is simply a year older to him, although there’s a hitch — she is his chithi (aunt)! Director Mohit Mehra treats this Balachander-ish plot as a comedy. there’s an exponent character, World Health Organization advices the hero however prayer the lady is wrong when he subtly eggs on the smitten guy with voyeuristical delight. The method Mehra keeps USA shot concerning the motives of girl adds to the suspense.

In Lokesh Kanakaraj’s Kalam, a producer and his friends chase a stealer and his cronies, WHO have taken from them a CD and pen drive containing their short film. What starts off as a restrained heroic tale turns into associate degree action film (with the action being choreographed against associate degree Aiyappa song!). there’s a twist also, and it’s realized commendably.

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Two friends proceed a visit to Rameswaram with the ashes of their dead friend. that’s the premise of Kanneer Anjali, that is somewhat a rambling film, with hot-or-miss humour. the story takes a flip once the pair (or, ought to we are saying trio?) gets conversant in a drug crook on the way, however Guru Smaran’s film lacks the tautness of the opposite films. The acting, too, feels inexpert.

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