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In a village, a bunch of individuals square measure semiconductor diode by Ayyanar (Saravanan) on a tractor. {they square measure|they’re} planning to tidy the palace for house owners World Health Organization are returning to their ancestral Aranmanai (palace) to sell it. throughout the night, the cook (Kadhal Dhandapani) is frightened by some spiritual being within the palace and he disappears.

Director: Sundar C.
Writers: Sundar C., Udhayan
Stars: Sundar C., Vinay, Santhanam

The next day, associate unloved Eshwari (Kovai Sarala) returns together with her husband (Manobala) and son Muliankannan (Nithin Sathya). Eshwari’s brother (Chitra Lakshmanan) and his female offspring Maya (Raai Laxmi) welcome them. The brother and sister, together with another older brother’s son Murali (Vinay Rai) and his new married person Madhavi (Andrea Jeremiah) have gathered to sell their Palace off to Ayyanar, World Health Organization had hired the property for 5 years. Meanwhile, Paalsamy (Santhanam) sneaks into Aranmanai underneath the pretense of a cook, to seek out a photograph that’s a sole proof that he’s additionally associate heir to the palace, in order that he will claim his share of the money.

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They reside the Aranmanai however strange incidents happen. Madhavi sees a servant’s girl reprimand associate degree invisible lady referred to as Selvi town. The mother of the lady explains that she’s mentally unstable. Mishaps still happen and that they area unit unable to sell the palace, in order that they extend their keep. Meanwhile, a pair of alternative servants have conjointly gone missing. currently Ravi (Sundar.C), the older brother of Madhavi, involves the palace to satisfy his sister. screaming incidents happen as Paalsamy tries to woo Maya and he has Ravi and Muliankannan competitory with him. Madhavi and Maya tell Ravi that there area unit weird things happening within the house. thus he sets cameras up round the house with Maya’s facilitate.

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