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Madhumitha is convinced that she and her colleague Ashwin were lovers in their past lives and are brought along by fate. Anegan Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download in HD Quality. Is there any truth to the current or is she just hallucinating?

Director: Anand K.V.
Writers: A.N. Balakrishnan (dialogue), A.N. Balakrishnan
Stars:Dhanush, Karthik, Amyra Dastur.

When Anegan opens, we have a tendency to ar told that the year is 1962 and therefore the setting Asian nation. Murugappan, a Tamil jack, saves Samudra, the female offspring of an expensive Burmese general, at a neighborhood truthful. She falls head over heels in love with him however her father is completely against it. however the Burmese takeover takes place, and Murugappan tries to export Samudra to Bharat. However, they’re betrayed by Mallika, the woman World Health Organization was infatuated with the lad. The lovers start out the ship however Murugappan is shot at and Samudra decides to die at the side of him.

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The action shifts to this and that we see that these events ar being narrated by Madhumitha, a game developer in Kiran’s self-made company (with the sinister name of Tentacles), UN agency is undergoing regression medical care. The poster in her space is that of Aung San Suu Kyi, Samudra’s classmate! Madhu says that she has stumble upon characters from her past life and is convinced that she is going to conjointly meet Murugappan during this generation. And, she does, within the variety of Ashwin, a systems engineer in her own office! She starts entreaty him and whereas he’s not able to believe past life, develops a soft corner for her.

Meanwhile, once associate degree accident, Madhu regresses and tells another story, of Kaali and Kalyani, set in Madras within the year 1987. Kaali may be a yob UN agency charms Kalyani, a Brahmin woman, along with his morality and innocence however she is forced to comply with a marriage with Ravikiran, a business king. However, Kaali arrives on the marriage night and also the lovers conceive to take flight however they’re duped and dead. And, the killer may well be somebody near them in their gift lives, waiting to kill them again!

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