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The film is inspired by the real life ordeal of 64-year-old Professor Siras (played by Manoj Bajpayee), Aligarh Full Movie Download in 720p Full HD. who was suspended by the Aligarh University for being homosexual. He was ostracised by the society at large and subjected to physical and psychological torture for his sexual preference. Rookie journalist Dipu Sebastian (Rajkummar Rao) is the man who sees him for what he really is. Aligarh is their journey.

Director: Hansal Mehta
Writers: Ishani Banerjee, Apurva Asrani
Stars: Sukhesh Arora, Manoj Bajpayee, Balaji Gauri

Some films cease to be a story or a mere depiction of an incident or an issue. You live them. They mirror the society’s mindset and in doing so, rake out your own prejudices. Aligarh is one such biographic drama that tugs at your compassionateness.

While it’s melancholic, the film does not resort to comedy to evoke fellow feeling. Aligarh’s heart lies within the fantastic thing about its silences and therefore the unspoken words and unrushed emotions shared between its lead characters. whereas decriminalising sex activity is Associate in Nursing underlying message, the film primarily revolves around society and loneliness, harking back to Aparna Sen’s masterpiece thirty six Chowringhee Lane.

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Hansal Mehta captures the inner turmoil and unrest of Siras within the most unostentatious manner. most significantly, he offers Manoj Bajpayee the role of a period of time and therefore the latter infuses soul to his character. Bajpayee’s tearful eyes show Associate in Nursing array of emotions — sorrow, vulnerability, anxiety and worry. Scenes wherever he’s seen reciting poetry in fluent Marathi and being immersed in Lata Mangeshkar’s songs all by himself, is figure of pure genius. These can go down in history joined of the foremost stirring medium moments.

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