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I removed my eyeballs from my head as presently as I got here from “Alice Through the trying Glass” and clean them during a sink. I may have left them in and solely clean the fronts, however, I did not need to require any possibilities. they are still in there, soaking. I’m touch-typing this review. would like Maine luck.

Director: James Bobin
Writers: Linda Woolverton, Lewis Carroll
Stars: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter

“Alice Through the mirror,” during which Mia Wasikowska’s Alice travels into the past to forestall the meaninglessness from cookery the oldsters of the Mad modiste (Johnny Depp), could be a sequel to Tim Burton’s 2010 film “Alice in Wonderland.” Burton isn’t involved this one. however that is not as massive a amendment as you think that, as a result of Burton wasn’t what you’ll very decision “involved” with the first.

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Sure, he directed it, and it created or so 647 gazillion greenbacks worldwide, however it had no poetry, no grit, no soul. It even had weak character style, direction, lighting and comic timing—areas wherever, within the past, Burton a minimum of appeared able to amuse himself. it would also are created by a Tim Burton fan whose main storytelling expertise was leading TV ads for candy.

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