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Adida Melam begins with alittle boy being sent to jail for murder. Adida Melam Full Movie HD Free Download on 720p. The action cuts to a couple of years later and that wear introduced to Saravanan (Abhay Krishna), a marriage planner, United Nations agency lives together with his mater (Urvashi) and uncle (Mayilsamy). His path crosses therewith of Devaki (Abhinaya), United Nations agency lies to him and uses him to urge her friend married off secretly. Saravanan suffers a large loss and Devaki tells him that she’s going to repay his loans if he will stop her wedding to Manohar. He agrees however once Manohar offers him extra money, he decides to let the marriage proceed. And on the eve of the marriage, he learns that Manohar — United Nations agency is that the very little boy we have a tendency to were shown within the starting — is getting to have his revenge on Devaki so, to prevent the event, he kidnaps her!

Director: Anbu Stalin
Producer: Dado Creations
Stars: Abhay Krishna, Abhinaya Anand, Mayilsamy, Jaya Prakash

The tone of Adida Melam is wildly inconsistent, swinging from comedy to comedy, sometimes even within the same scene. an important character suffers a heart failure, a woman is cunningly sold off to a pimp, a supporting character turns into a liquidator, a lady immolates herself, however if you have got to travel by the half associate hour, the film needs North American nation to treat it solely as a comedy. The jokes area unit rather silly, however the moments involving Urvashi, WHO realises the youngness of the fabric and plays to the gallery, work. however the director is hardly ready to gift a coherent narrative.

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Scenes simply suddenly finish or begin with no link middle, and technically, the film feels inexpert. Even short films these days have higher motion-picture photography and sound admixture. Thankfully, the film does not take itself seriously, and also the solely reason why we tend to keep until the top is to search out out however so much the director will take the meaninglessness to.

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