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bhimanyu is associate NRI United Nations agency lives in Japan. Adhyan Full Movie Download in 720p. He want to marry a lady United Nations agency hails from state. whereas he’s in search of his woman friend, he comes across Sakshi Agarwal through Facebook. As time passes by, Abhimanyu and Sakshi Agarwal became shut and turns from friends to lovers. So, Abhimanyu determined to fulfill his love and travels to metropolis.

Director: Ram Manoj Kumar
Producer: Rajasekar
Stars: Sakshi Agarwal , Abimanyu Nallamuthu

On his thanks to metropolis, he got smitten in an exceedingly importing case. He comes across the taxi driver Maheshwaran, policeman Jeyachandran and felon Jenish. What created them to return across? What happens to Abhimanyu? Forms the remainder of the story.

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Performed well despite the fact that they need restricted screen area. Actors Jeyachandran, Maheshwaran and Jenish acted well during this moving picture.

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