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The plot line is as inevitable because it gets: twins separated at birth. one in all the lost siblings grows up together with his mother, whereas the opposite is named by AN orthodox Brahmin family. One could be a Robinhood of types, whereas the opposite is busy conducting rituals together with his mentor (Brahmanandam). The angry young man is crazy with Sheela, whereas the priest impresses Nayanthara. Somewhere within the middle of all this can be a terrorist gang (led by Mahesh Manjrekar) that is holding a military official captain (Nasser). No prizes for approximation United Nations agency Nasser is — he is NTR’s long lost father.

CAST: NTR Jr, Nayanthara, Brahmanandam, Mahesh Manjrekar and Sheela
GENRE: Comedy

NTR shows off his comic streak the film and evokes laughs. His plan to don a double role for the primary time has had its share of pluses and minuses. so as to accommodate 2 diametrically opposite roles in his script, director V V Vinayak revives the ‘lost and found’ formula however is unable to come back up with a convincing second role. The director makes NTR kill the baddies while not justifying the explanation. Even the angry-young-man’s final mission (to rescue his father) appears contrived. The film depends heavily on the comic scenes, NTR’s recreation skills and therefore the glam ladies (Nayanthara and Sheela) to create up for the thin plot. NTR’s comic take may facilitate him connect with the families to some extent.

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After an extended hiatus, NTR returns with a popcorn person. The actor-director team delivers a laugh-riot that could be a so much cry from their earlier kick-butt films like Aadi.
Nayanthara and Sheela don’t have anything a lot of to try and do in terms of performance and square measure a part of the film solely to feature to the oomph issue.

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