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The youngsters install cameras within the couple’s house to capture proof for paranormal activities however find yourself discovering Manav’s ambiguous behaviour instead. additional skeletons stumble out of the closet in due course that discompose Koya. what is her hidden handle Manav?

Director: Ishaan Trivedi
Writer: Ishaan Trivedi
Stars: Johnny Baweja, Reeth Mazumder, Manav Kaul

On paper, the psychological adventure story appears promising. It keeps you idea if the characters are literally victims or sinners with ulterior motives. The anticipation of truth and a mysterious backstory keeps you hooked.

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What spoils the party is that the loud, shoddy and incoherent execution. The forced love triangle replete with inconsequential hugging scenes and wet songs is mindless. The film tries to bite quite it will chew. Death, depression, incest, sex, possession, too several problems square measure place along.

Also, poor writing and inappropriate dialogues evoke unintentional humour. for example a psychic/ doctor explains possession by speech, “uska ‘soul weak’ tha isliye uske saath yeh hua”, a man tells a woman, “I like your smell” or one thing thereto result. The hero warns another guy for striking on his lady by speech, “Do ladke ek ghagra nahi pehen sakte.”

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